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The Return of Impressed Arts

2008-05-10 13:06:22 by djstitchedmouth

After almost a two year hiatus, Impressed-Arts returns. He is no longer referred to as Impressed-Arts, but now as DJ Stitched Mouth. Pong Gets Laid was released not too long ago. Tetris: The Apocalypse is going to be remade. Except this time it is going to be continued from a series, The Birth of Video Games. Before the new Tetris comes out, we are going to have two more episodes come out before then. The new Tetris will be released on December 12, 2008, exactly two years since the original was released.

In the new Tetris, I am going to take all of the feedback from the first one, and use that to make it better. I will make sure that the video will have a lower file size so it will load faster. I'll extend some of the scenes, like the Gravity change, so it's not so short. It'll look better, and it will have a better interactive menu. The intro is going to be different, and the Demons wont look queer.

Give me anyway to improve on this project, I'll listen, and I will try to use it on benefit to this movie. Thank you.


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